Our vision is that education to careers becomes an integral part of a college education.  Learning career management and soft skills desired by employers should be aligned with academic disciplines so there is a clear path for students to be ready for the workforce. Demonstration of soft skills should be signaled by completion of substantive curricula in career readiness; each student we serve should be able to articulate a plan for developing a purposeful career in a pursuit of their choice.



Our mission is to enhance the value of higher education by more closely aligning the education students are pursuing with the careers they seek.


At Purposely, we are passionate about creating pathways for students to help them land their career of choice.

Our goal is to give students the training they need to translate their academic journey into a life and job of purpose.

What is The Career Platform?

The Career Platform is an online curriculum for systematically learning job-seeking skills. It is your 24/7 accessible center for career success. Using short videos, assessments, quizzes and an interactive portal to millions of jobs around the country and the world, students’ path to employment success is more accessible, more interactive and ultimately more effective than ever before.

Value Proposition for Universities and Colleges

  • Increase the reach, accessibility and effectiveness of career services
  • Access more data about how students are pursuing a career
  • Reach more students at a lower cost per student
  • Track and report actual employment results for recent graduates and alumni
  • Improve retention and student engagement
  • Improve long term connection with students as they become alumni

Value Proposition for Students

  • Learn job seeking skills through an online curriculum
  • Improve student engagement by focusing on employment outcomes
  • Provide a clearly defined process on an individualized basis to become a successful job seeker
  • Improve morale and create hope for students uncertain about how their college experience will translate into job success

Some of our clients are…

The University of Georgia

Northeastern University

Quinnipiac University

The State University of New York

Texas A&M University

Florida State University

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